Saturday, 7 December 2013

Pastebin monitoring

Few months ago I was thinking about public pastebins. From experience I can say many people put dumps/configs on public pastebins, just because its easy and fast. They don't think that someone can see it.
Examples from today:

All new pastebins are being published on main page, what makes the task much easier.

Looking through them can give us much information, often information that we shouldn't see. Of course opening every new one manualy is time wasting, there are a lot of useless pastebins. Here comes idea that I had few months ago, to make an automatic tool, that is opening every pastebin and analyzing content with keywords, unfortunately I haven't had time to implement it myself.
Accidentally few days ago, I found ready solution for that. Whats more the solution is open source and based on twitts, what makes it easy to follow.

It's named Dumpmon
Everything is written in python -  here you can find source on Github.

In addition it doesn't only find Acc/Db leaks, but Cisco configuration files, Google Api keys and honeypot logs as well.

At the end I would like to mention there is one more tool for similar purpose, named PastebinDorks

Unfortunately source code is not available and it doesn't show what kind of data is included in pastebin, only amount, but its worth to follow it as well.

To sum up if you are going to post data that you don't want to be seen by others, spend a little more time and use password protected solutions and if you want to be up to date with fresh leaks, follow mentioned bots ;)


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